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Created in 2019, Steps For A Change (SFAC) regularly works in collaboration with environmental organizations and scientific organizations that work for the study and conservation of biodiversity. SFAC offers a rich and diversified creation environment, allowing the interface between science and dance. Knowledge, creativity and practical experience are at the heart of SFAC.

The dance company is exclusively made up of child dancers aged 7 to 17. Through its commitment, the company hopes to raise awareness among children and adults about the conservation of biodiversity.

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At the crossroads of art and science.

At the origin of SFAC, a beautiful encounter between two women, Yunne-Jai SHIN, Research Director at the IRD and Emily LARTILLOT, Artistic Director of the dance center "les arts en scène" in Montpellier.

Two mothers, concerned about the world they will leave to their children.

The company was born from a common awareness, from a desire to act, each one bringing its knowledge, its know-how and its sensitivity to the other, and at the service of a common project.


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Yunne Jai SHIN

Director of research at IRD


Choreographer, dance teacher

Director at LAES

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